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A quick idea for Chargebacks

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I know this is not a perfect method, 


What if Osbot implemented a system where you could only buy gold if you had a certain amount of feedback's? This has obviously been taken into consideration but it would help out a bit since it would appear that you are a verified member. Obviously there is down sides to this but i am just suggesting ideas.

What if there was a maximum amount of gold you could purchase a day? 

What if there was a Skype verification option on OSbot?


These are ideas that are small in the making but I myself has been a runescape member who has been charged back for a little over 900$. This isn't something that anyone wants to go through. 


As stated before this is  just a small suggestion and I know there has been threads like this before but I think it's time to take a small step forward.



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Gold sellers accept their own payments at their own risk. Don't see how OSB can intervene.

That is true... OSB is mainly a botting site... It just so happens that it has a market. Im sure if there was a safer method, they'd implement it. because verifying skype still doesnt stop someone from scamming. There's been trusted memebers with a lot of FB who scamquit.

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Sooo much work.

I know it's a lot of work but when it comes down to it, isn't it better then receiving so many scam reports and a slightly happier community? Also the community would be more reliant on buying gold without the thought of being scammed.



I know this is a huge step and a lot of work but it's just an idea to keep!

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