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Anyone wanna help me :)?


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If this is in the wrong section the move it.


I am starting a small donation topic for those of you who want to help me out


What i am trying to do is raise about 1.5m - 2m 07gold (Small amount right? :)


The reason is because i got banned weeks ago, and i can't afford membership, nor will jagex even accept my card anymore cause i have used it to much.

I would pay with my funds from here but well, all my scripts are FREE :) so i don't have spare money to pay for it.


I started paying my memberships through gold from various osbot shops, well my main had all my cash stored (stupid i know)

and now i have a friend loaning me an account for a temporary amount of time, and i need to buy an account (there about 1.5m - 2m in the osbot market) so i can continue to develop my scripts.


At the moment i have no way to test certain scripts that i have, and i don't want to gain amounts of wealth because i promised for his bank to be untouched. With that being said, i am updating my scripts to the best of my knowledge without actually testing it.



If anyone would like to help me out, This is absolutely and strictly for donations only to help a fellow out

Please PM me, or add my skype which you can find by clicking on my profile!


I will keep the post updated with how much i receive and who gave me x amount of gold, and once i reach my goal, i will be able to perfect my scripts much better!


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