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Xbox360 Gta5 [Money lobby]/[Rp Mod]


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well i just got back on the forums and i'm going to host a FREE Money lobby witch mean 10m-50m per new lobby i host i'll host maybe 5 or more before work.


i am also willing to do RP but this requires Recovering you're account if you are not ok with this then just enjoy the free money.


Donations Required for RP Recoveries.


RP 1-1,000 = 50m RS3 Gp <- i do not have OSRS account yet.

RP 1-1,000/1b = 125m RS3 GP 


Not sure if this is aloud but the money lobbies are free i run them through my own dns server less likely for me to be banned so i can host anytime i need to just comment you're gamertag i will invite you.

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