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Eriewin Pre-eoc.

Sam Bartlett

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Note to everyone.: This is not an advertisement page. I will not display any links or such during the process. This is simply a thread/ post asking for opinions and making a game like RuneScape was. Revision 718 loading 742.













More Coming Soon! Keep Updated!







































admin.gif  Update's Log
- Added Shooting Stars.
- Added Proper Farming.
- Added Dwarf Cannon Quest.
- Working on Squeal of Fortune.
- Changed Login Music.
- Added Media.
- Added 100% Gnome Agility.
- Added 70% Real Rs Spawns
- Added LodeStones
- Added Dwarf Cannon, Royal and Gold.
- Started on Toolbelt
- Started on Dung
- Added King Black Dragon
- Added Godwars Armadyl, Zammy, Bandos and Nex.
- Added Potion Decanting.
- Added Fairy Ring.
- Added Spirit Tree.
- Fixed Corp.
- Starting on Quests.
- Improved Dominion Tower.
- Fixed Dreadnip Interface. 
-Added Lobby and Worldlist.
-Fixed Maps and Packed New Cache. 
-Adding Runescape Dialogues.
-Finished Toobelt.
-Finished Player Owned Stores.
-Finished Lodestone Activation.
-Started on Lending.
-Finished RealworldMessage when Player gets a rare drop.
-Finished Loot-share.
-Finished Runescape Dialogues in Lumbridge.
-Changed Login Background and Server Logo.
-Added Loads more Bosses to Dominion Tower. E.g. Sunfreet.
-Finished Wilderness Agility.
-Added Rogues Den thieving Safes.
-Started on New Quest System.
-Started on Achievement system.
-Sorted Out Player Ranks.
-Completed Bank Pins with Rs Interface.
-Started on Canoe Travelling.
-Started on Door Closing.
-Started Loyalty Point System.
-Started on Slayer.
-Finished Slayer.
-Added lots more Slayer tasks.
-Started adding Old item's and rares. (Pics below).
-Added Death cape & Donator Cape.
-Added Clan Chat and Editing.
-Started on Co-Op Slayer.
-Added 100% RS Fletching & Crafting.
-Added Flax & Vegetable Picking around the world!
-Finished Lending.
-Started 100% RS Grand Exchange!
-Grand Exchange 80% Done. Need to finish the worldoffers.
-Started on Glacors. 100% OFC.
-Started on Canoe Travel.



Please Give all opinions below.

~~Sam Bartlett. 


Edited by Sam Bartlett
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so you're making own pre eoc? biggrin.png



Yes. I just want to know what content people might think would be good.



If u want to know something, ill support good pking possibilities.




My Pking was perfected many months ago. Keep in touch with me. Skype Name; sambartlett999

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