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You have got to be kidding me.

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I got banned for my topic "Too far" by maldesto. 


Excuse me, but it was a suggestion. And I HAVE NEVER HATED ON THIS WEBSITE. EVER.

honestly, you're the one who went too far! I did nothing wrong, at all! 

​It was a new suggestion, about a new advertisement that was put up. Even if it was just a copied thread, (which it wasn't) that still shouldn't equal to me getting banned! 



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Well I was honestly sick of your whining, so I'm more than happy.

It was a suggestion. How was it me whining? 

I love how you're so 2 faced. 


I was having a nice friendly chat with you about Planetside and Blacklight. and we seemed cool.

Now you go and flame me, and you get no punishment? 


Get out of here, seriously.

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You guys went way to far by making the HUGEEEEEEEE advertisement on the client. Not only does it cover the chat box, but it covers half of the inventory also! 

IT's not hard to size something down, you don't need the whole freaking screen to be advertisements.



Probably some other reasons too, but basically what Maldesto is saying, is calm down. The developers are getting angry because they've warned you countless times and you keep posting topics about how you don't like things, and that you want it to to be the way you want it, and you've done what for the community? Bash me, and the way things are done here? I'm sure the staff here aren't very happy with you. And telling you your signature is 440x330? Is it not that size?

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