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SOTW Week 11


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Entries must be submitted by 12/16/2013

Signature Of The Week #11


Theme : Military (Fictional or Real)


How it will happen : Submit your signature to me through private message with the subject (SOTW 11).You have until the day of voting to submit your signature.

Please put the title of the Pm "SOTW 11"

If you send via pm and I forget, let me know and I'll add you to the poll mixed in as soon as I can.


Basic rules :

  • Do not include any kind of name that will give away which signature is yours

  • Do not ask for people to vote for you

  • You may vote for yourself, but it's not required.

  • If you say or hint at which one is yours, you will be disqualified for that week and the next week.

  • If asked to provide proof that you made the image, provide it.

  • Flaming and/or ripping will result in a disqualification.

Send your entries to: @jason

Rules are here http://osbot.org/for...144-sotw-rules/


What you can get from winning:

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Was working on one but meh, I didn't like the outcome so I decided not to participate. I hope there are enough entries this week though because the last one wasn't really a success. :/

You should enter smile.png There haven't been as many entries as I would like there to be so far sad.png


Give it a go, need to work towards that Master Designer rank!


Still got one day so might start over tomorrow if I have some time.

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