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big ban wave?


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Anyone else hear about the 30-40 new employers thread on high lvl forums on rs that got leaked? maybe other topics of this elsewhere but i haven't seen/bothered to check yet tongue.png, so apparently.. 30-40 new jagex staff going around rs just giving straight perm bans to people even if they had 0 offenses to start off with? ive had a couple mates thats had perms / know people in the clan world thats been banned and am just curious if anyone else has the same happen to them? or.. is this just a big ban wave as per usual and will be fine to bot in goldfarm spots within the next 2 days or so? my opinion is that they put it in high level fourms on purpose so it would get leaked just to scare shit out of everyone and that its just a usual ban wave that'll last 2 days, feedback would be appreciated thanks biggrin.png

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