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tips for limiting bans on your accounts


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First off I want to say if you bot then your always going to risk the chance of getting banned, but there are ways to limit your chances of bans and im going to share some with you that I find very useful. Also I have only had 3 accounts banned in my rs years and that was due to me not caring about the 3 like I should have been.






1. dont run your bots 24/7 unless your gold farming and not giving a rats ass if your accs get banned just going all out for the gold.

2. if more than one of your accounts gets banned for whatever reason wait a couple of days before starting to bot again.


4. switch worlds occasionally don't just always stay in the same world.

5.try to bot in low populated areas/ and avg populated worlds.

6. have your bot run on a routine so say you bot from 7 am to -8 at night with breaks try to keep that schedule  and only deviate from it a few times a week to make jagex think you have a routine and you were busy one day so didnt start till later or stopped early.

7. bot smart if you know a bot has high ban rate avoid using it at all costs

8. dont bot in the pre assigned worlds such as 330 or 369




If I think of any more tips ill be sure to add them to the OP or if you have any you wold like to share feel free to post them smile.png










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