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PC for Ironman and Main Account

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Hey All,

I've got two accounts I need a rough price check on. I'm going to be grouping them into an account bundle so rough estimates without full knowledge of the bank is cool.

The first is a level 113 Ironman with 86 att, 99 str, 82 def, 85 range, 71 prayer, 95 mage, 96 hp, and 90 slayer. It has a total level of 1788. Two skills are in the 60's, the rest are 70+. It has 214 Quest Points with MM2 completed (DS2 not completed). It also has a 103m bank (missing Blowpipe) but has required barrows gear, trident, full void, and lots of supplies. No infractions on the account, never botted.

The second is a level 123 main with 99 att, str, def, range, hp, and slayer (1853 total). This account has all quests completed up until after the release of DS2 (DS2 is complete). This is my original account, hand trained, zulrah pet (2k zulrah kills, 1500 legit, 500 botted (with minor infraction).

Again, just looking for rough estimates since I'll be bundling these with a few other mid level accounts.

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