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Hello everyone.  Ive had a long history in the botting space, but like many people... after the trade update and PKing update where 

they were both removed from OSRS... i quit.   


Well.. Im back after learning about mobile OSRS and i just love me some botting lol 



So just wanted to say hello and i wanted to ask a question if anyone would be so kind to answer or direct me. 

I searched for "OSRS Botting forums" and have made accounts at a number of them. 

Im trying to do as much research as I can to try and weed out any of the nonsense out there and get to learn who 

are the trusted folks and straight shooters. 


Id like to understand the current space and get right up to speed.  I plan on making scripts for mobile OSRS. 

If anyone can direct me to some resources and literature regarding how I can go about emulating OSRS on my PC 

and maybe a short over view on the current botting platforms I have seen so far... 

*naming other clients is against ToS for osbot*


there are so many lol 


thanks so much in advance.  

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