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pokemon planet og 2016 account


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Hello i don't really play ppo anymore so i kinda came to look for somone who might want me very old dedicated account that i mostly spend me whole life on...

it has many lvl 100 pokemon tons of tier 33-66 pokemon to use Many shiny in slot 2 in the pokecenter pc

i have 2 legendarys pokemon that i worked 9 months to get and i am a og member of ppo with an account fromthe year 2016 and alot of the staff know me

but ofcourse i don't speak with them so easy and same for them. if u took a liking heres some pictures.

well i am only doing this cause i needed some money for my wii u cause i need new wii remotes so i was kinda looking for gift cards lol

i have no expierence with this kinda stuff lmao

i can send u the other pics too.


Screenshot (1).png

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