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Looking to buy my own server. Is this a good deal?


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Ok, im relatively fresh to the whole concept, and ive decided to go with my own setup rather then renting a vps (please keep that discussion out of this). 

Ideally i want to be able to run 50-100 bots but more if i can afford it. 

From what i can tell from doing some research i need a good cpu with lots of cores and lots of ram. 

I looked up loads of servers and i realize they get expencive really fast. But then i randomly spot this ad: wich judged by the speccs almost looks too good to be true from the little knowledge i got:(attached image) 

Its in Norwegian, but you should be able to understand the most of it. (If not just ask). 

Price $550... While brand new its roughly $1800 (Even tho its disscontinued). seller claims its 100% working and it comes with 1 year warranty. The seller is a company that put the ad up on like the Norwegian Craigslist/ebay, so it looks trustworthy. Only question is if thats what im looking for and thats where i need your help:)


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