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Question about a humanization idea I had.


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So it obviously would take some work as far as development goes. That being said, I had an idea for a humanization method for botting. Now one of the primary issues with randomizing using random numbers is that over the course of time a pattern always becomes evident based on the floor and ceiling being used. So what if the user gave the bot a human mouse path to use as a basis and then randomized points on the path in order to create variation? 

A good example would be a high-alchemy script. The user would first perform 1-3 high alchemy casts manually while the bot records (have buttons to control the recording) and from here the bot will use this mouse motion to create the activity. However, while the bot would use the user generated path as its initial basis for how to perform the activity. It would randomize specific (or random) positions in the path to create enough small variations in the movement to mimic the natural variance in human hand motions. Could also help in creating a more human speed for scripts to operate at.


Does anybody think this is a good or bad idea? I'd love to hear others thoughts and opinions on the topic.

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