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CLI -world flag isn't working


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I am attempting to run scripts from the CLI in a unix environment. My bot accounts are F2P, so I need to switch the world to a F2P world in order for them to login. I have attempted to use the -world flag to accomplish this, but it doesn't work. The osbot client starts, and then instead of trying to change the world it just immediately goes to log in, fails because it's always a member's world, and then gives up. The CLI code I'm running is below.

java -jar [my osbot jar] -login [my osbot username]:[my osbot pass] -bot [bot email]:[bot pass]:0000 -script [my script]:null -world 301

As you can see, I include the "-world 301" flag at the end. I have managed to pause the script before it tries to log in and changed the world to a F2P one and then it logs in successfully.

Edit: I should also mention I'm using osbot 2.5.42.jar

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