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I can't remember the password to my old account, and I don't recall the email assigned to it


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I have forgotten the password to my old account, creationx (or may have been creation x).  I purchased a range guild script on it and quit for a while. When I came back to botting I was unable to login to the account. I've tried all of the e-mails I can think of to recover it and am unable to properly recall. I can provide my first/last name, previous passwords that may have been used, or if a mod can simply tell me the email assigned to this account I can recover it. If you have IP addresses assigned to this account I can prove that I am still in the same city as it was registered.

Hoping to get some sort of help here, thank you.

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I had trouble recovering an old account of mine that I had forgotten the password for, and it was so old it didn't have an email associated with it.

In my recovery notes, I talked about when I created the account, when I first brought membership, some of the achievements I'd accomplished, and what items I had on the account. If you've ever paid for membership via mobile/telephone, then dig up your old numbers and mention those too. I'm sure Jagex has records on that.

I don't quite remember what else I talked about, but I did eventually end up gaining access again after the 2nd or 3rd try.

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How do I recover my account then? I can prove my identity, which is the same identity on my debit card that I used to purchase the script on that account. 

If a mod could please PM me and we could take care of this i'd be happy to provide all the information possible to help you out, even going as far as facetiming if you need to confirm my face and name. 

edit: to be clear I am speaking about my OSBot account, now my runescape accounts. 

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