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How far can I push SWAP memory?


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I am running 50 bots on 32GB of ram. The ram is totally the bottleneck. I was wondering how far I could push the swapping memory without any major issues.

Do you have any experience with pushing SWAP memory to it's limits? Please let me know! 

If you know much about swapping memory or would like to leave any technical information here, please do


Thanks in advance!

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Just so you know ram is 1000 times faster than SSD and 100,000 times faster than your HDD. 

The performance of a computer system is related directly to its execution time.

The execution time is given by CPU time = IC * CPI * Clock period
IC = number of instructions executed
CPI = average clock cycles required per instruction

When you start doing swaps you will experience timeouts while waiting for a memory resource due to slow swaps and overall increase in query execution time, drop in active queries hence bottleneck your cpu (cpu spikes).

So to avoid such issues, upgrade the ram.

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