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Blast Furnace Put-ore-on walking issue

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I'm attempting to make a blast furnace script, and I am having issues with putting the ores on the conveyor belt.
I have attempted to walk to the ground level of the ramp and use this:

getObjects().closest("Conveyor belt").interact("Put-ore-on");

The client seems to have trouble interacting with it from the bottom of the ramp(works about 1/5 times)
I noticed that the client doesn't seem to have an issue if I start the script at the top of the ramp. This lead me to attempting to walk to the top of the ramp.
The problem I have is that the client tends to try to walk to the other side of the ramp, making it obvious that I am botting.

Even with a walk event with mindistancethreshold(0), The client seems to click on the other side of the ramp before clicking on the intended square
How should I address this problem?
I just want the client to walk to the bottom of the ramp, then the top without clicking on the other of the ramp.
Thanks in advance!

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