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PUBG Xbox Tournaments (Remove if not allowed)

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So, I have been playing PUBG on PC, Mobile and Xbox for a while now. I got bored one night and decided to host a tournament on a PUBG Xbox group on Facebook with an entry fee off £2 per squad the winner takes home 0.8%. There was 20 teams of 4 which landed in the prize pool £40 and done £40 X 0.8 and took £8 for my self due to the time I spent hosting it. After the game ended, I messaged the winners on Xbox and asked how they would like to receive the money and each received £8. That got me thinking on hosting Tournaments regularly and making a prize pool for players to take home while all having fun. These will currently be hosted on the PS4 when the game is released for it and Xbox One, I won't be doing the PC version at the moment due to hackers. Yes there are glitches and ways to cheat on Xbox one and PS4 when released but I will be monitoring people closely.
How the tournaments will be ran?
The tournament host which will be a rank you can earn will post a time and date of a tournament on discord and our facebook page with an entry fee. This should give people enough time to get a team together if its a team tournament. The tournament host will keep track of the people that's paid for the tournament, For example if one person pay's the entry fee for the team game, the tournament host will need to take note and ask the player for the names of all team members taking part. The tournaments will run on the date and time which the host announced on one of the pages but will only run if the host thinks there's enough players to run a tournament. If the host doesn't have enough players to run the tournament then all people taking part will get a full refund (Note if one player pays for the full squad to take part, only that player will get a refund). All players will then be invited to a match and will have to play to the end, The host will have to stay in the match and spectate all the players if he gets killed and wait till the game is over, When the team get's a chicken dinner the host will contact the team and pay them invidually or pay the team's leader the amount if the team agrees for the leader to give them the split.
Types of tournaments?
These will be decided by the tournament host, but can range from just a normal game to using no guns only meele weapons to boxing matches in the mirmar boxing ring.
What if the host scams and doesn't do a tournament or pay me the winnings?
If the host scam's you by not throwing a tournament or not paying you the winning's you will be fully refunded the entry fee by me. To request a refund contact me on the forums this is posted on, discord or message the facebook page, Please remember to take screen shots of the host's name, the start time of the tournament and have proof of payment. If you have these I will happily refund you the full amount, If the tournament doesn't happen and if you don't have these but enough people report it, all players will be refunded the full amount for entry.
How do I know if he's a trusted host?
There will be a role on the discord server with a green name called Trusted Hosts, The hosts will also be listed in pinned messages, on the Facebook page and on the website when created and on this forum post.
Sounds good whats the rules?
Tournament Rules Players:
1)If you have a squad and have paid the entry fee for the tournament you will inform an administrator or tournament hoster the names of your team members on xbox and give them the names for discord if they are on discord.
2)The tournament host or administrator will keep track of everyone in your squad so at the end of the match they will pay each squad member there share unless the squad says overwise in which one member will take the money to split between them if its a squad tournament.
3) Charge backs for paypal will result in an instant ban for all squad members and will not allow you to take part in any other tournaments.
4) No use of glitches or hacking will be tolerated in the tournaments, If anyone is court doing a glitch or hacking they will be disqualified from the tournament.
5) No refunds to players if they have broke any of the above rules, If you are not able to make a tournament and you have paid then a full refund will be given to you.
6) Have fun and enjoy, you may be able to win alot of money as the server gets bigger and the game gets bigger.
7) If you believed you have been scammed by a trusted host please contact Jueix Rated with proof of the tournament not running or proof of you winning and not getting paid the prize. Only the entry fee for the tournament will be refunded.
Trusted host rules:
1) Follow the same rules as a tournament player.
2) Tournament entry fee's can only be below £10 unless told otherwise from an administrator, A list of name's who can host tournaments with more than £10 entry fee will be pinned in the General channel. Anyone court hosting tournaments with more than a £10 entry fee will be punished as seen fit, even if they aren't scamming.
3) All tournament hosts will have to put an application in and pay a fee to start hosting tournaments, This will make it so we can keep track of tournaments and find trusted hosters.
4) Keep track of all players who paid the fee, if you are hosting squad matches only one player has to pay a fee for the whole squad, The player will then inform you who is in their squad on discord and on xbox.
5) Pay the players correctly, The prize is the entry fee X the amount of players X 0.8. So if there's 20 teams of four and the entry fee is £5 per squad it will be as follows £5 X 20 X 0.8 = £80. Ask the winner of the game who was in the squad, message them directly and pay them unless squad agree's to be paid by the squad leader.
Administrator Rules:
1) To follow all other rules  for each the hosters and players.
2) To make sure over people aren't rule breaking and to punish rule breakers as see's fit.
3) To monitor new host's to check if they are worthy of staying a host and to become a more trusted, If a host scam's by not running a tournament then leaving inform Jueix Rated who will refund the players the entry fee.
4) The same rules apply for admins and trusted host's that want to join a tournament they have to pay a entry fee if they are not the one's hosting it, to keep it fair  and make the prize pool worthy, Same goes for me. If I want to take part in a tournament which I'm not hosting I will have to pay the entry fee, If I have a team and I'm taking part and I'm the host one of the team has to pay the fee prize divided by 3.
5) Have fun and enjoy.
Tournament Dates?
To find tournament dates the best bet is to go onto the discord or facebook page or the website when set up.
The current tournament date is set to 20th of November 2018, The time it will happen is 7.30pm UK time Entry fee £2 per squad.
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10 minutes ago, ConCon_ said:

Considering this is a couple of hours work minimum, £8 really isn't that much - Not even sure it worth it o.O

Yeah I mean it's not worth it from an income perspective since he's only getting 8 pounds. But he's also competing in it himself while hosting. A 20% cut for just hosting the server and announcing the time from a tournament organizer is a big cut, if he decides to go bigger with it.

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