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Best spot to cannon on lowlevel

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4 minutes ago, amyspkacc said:

Combat training area after plague city/biohazard 

Ah yeah. totally forgot about that place... 



4 minutes ago, will_of_fire said:

you could try stronghold, as long as no quest req. low levels dont matter in most spots if you are not fighting directly

What monsters in stronghold

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5 minutes ago, amyspkacc said:

If you want somewhere with no reqs you can set it up around ogres between cwars and yanille, and range them while cannoning if you dont mind hp xp

That spot is aids, every single world is taken. Especially with new mobile update

10 minutes ago, h0nestbot said:

I saw a video of someone cannoning in an area with gnomes riding giant turtles vs khazard.. I just forgot the name of the area sorry. Its pretty low level monsters but they are EVERYWHERE.

South of west ardy? The battlefield

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