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Need rogues outfit!


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Paying 5M for rogues outfit: 10 hp 76 agil 50 thieving.

TOS: if you gain HP/PRAYER/DEFENCE xp you will provide me with an account with the exact stats. Nothing is allowed to be moved out of the bank and I keep track of everything. 15M deposit if you're not trusted. NO BOTTING IS ALLOWED

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not sure but should cost more than 5m with 10 hp. especially with 15m deposit. if you'd be willing to raise a bit i might be willing to do it for you, although it was a pain doing it for myself with 83 hp... will a few stamina potions be provided? and how would prayer/defense/hp experience be gained? something to do not with the rogues den minigame I suppose, if there's no chance of gaining any of those during the minigame then no worry of gaining them with me.

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