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Loot out of screen


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Dear great community ?

Making my first script, can any1 help me with this loot state?

Just writed the loot state and found a bug (when loot is out of screen) So he can't get the interact ''take''  but is true on minimap I want it the bot get to the loot. but I can not find the webwalk for it.

Any1 can help me?

private void loot() {
    final GroundItem BlueWizardHeadOrBeads = getGroundItems().closest(579);
    if (BlueWizardHeadOrBeads != null && BlueWizardHeadOrBeads.isVisible() && BlueWizardHeadOrBeads.interact("Take")){
        new ConditionalSleep(2000) {
            public boolean condition() throws InterruptedException {
                return !BlueWizardHeadOrBeads.exists();
    } else 


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You should definitely consider using names instead of ID's for things like this, much easier for you to understand and correct errors when you read over it again.

GroundItem hat = getGroundItems().closest("Blue wizard hat");

if (hat != null) {
InteractionEvent pickup = new InteractionEvent(hat,"Take");

(Code was written in the browser & not tested)

You can use interaction events to walk to items, I wouldn't rely on it too heavily though.

There's also a lot of other things you can use InteractionEvents for, you should use this page on the API to see this.


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