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On 8/26/2018 at 9:51 AM, Monkley said:

Can you make me one like the robin williams one (GIF)?

Yes :) 

Pm me or post here the name you'd like and any particular colors. I'll do this for the minimum (1M) so we can leave feedbacks.


Also, Sorry for late reply. Osbot didn't notify me of your post. I have turned notifications on now so I should receive notifications. 

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11 hours ago, face of dead said:

Can you make me a gif with the league of legends character Karthus casting his ult?

Yes :) - Hope you like it:


**If you want this without the watermark I will do it for 1M :)**

I will be closing this thread soon, as I put it in the wrong section. Please feel free to PM me on Osbot or post on the new thread here:

To buy this GIF or for future orders. ^^



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32 minutes ago, face of dead said:

YES THAT LOOKS AWESOME! Can you do it and put my name at the bottom? Face Of Dead in some cool font? And yes I'll definitely pay 1M for this.


Made the all CAPITAL one and also one with mixed case, hope one of them is good for you. :)

Please PM me your discord :)

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