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Zoruda's Prayer Bot! [First Bot] [Banking]

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Hey guys!

Just finished up my first script hoping that many of you will use it!


Keep in mind this probably not the best script. I wouldn't use it on your main. I've included as much anti-bot evasion as I could but again, my first script. Its not that much.



  • ~530 Bones per hour
  • Collecting bones
  • Burying the bones or Banking the bones
  • Anti-Bot Pickup ("'Accidentally' picking up random items")
  • Banking to the nearest bank





How To Use:

Start anywhere you'd like to collect bones with either junk in your inventory or nothing in your inventory.

(It will all be dropped)


  • Sometimes walking to the bank will get a little confused about its path but will always find its way around.
  • XP/h Might not be correct due to collecting a full inv then burying them all.


Future Plans:

  • Different types of bones (Currently only supports normal)
  • Adding "Actions Left:"
  • Adding tele support



Download file is attached



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