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Client crashes when i tell it to walk

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Im using this to walk to an area in the wilderness:

if (lootValue < 50000) {
Log("Loot value less than 50k")

I get the log message then the client doesnt walk it starts freezing up then crashes completely. The logger says thread death.



also tried:

getWalking().walk(pos1, pos2, pos3);

and it just does nothing but doesn't crash.

Also tried this:

WalkingEvent myEvent = new WalkingEvent(new Position(1, 2, 3)); 

Also does nothing.

Im running this onStart. The place i want to walk to is quite close. Is it because im in the wilderness? cant you walk in some areas of the map or something?


edit: Managed to do it by creating my own path from a guide Alek wrote, thank you

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