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Selling League account Euw // Boosting Cheap to requested rank.


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I am selling my EUW Main because its a dead game and i dont enjoy it no more // i play on ALT and boost if i do play tbh. Its Gold 1 100lp right now 70+ i can get it to D5 easily if required.

- 50k Blue Essence on the account  // https://gyazo.com/d3951f82669cedf994c86ddca04f2563

- Own all but 16 champs. // https://gyazo.com/2a9019eb99ee58ea60f79910289c8d5a

- Near 100 Skins With a lot of nice ones in Loot Box. https://gyazo.com/3caf42a2e06e99593018492d67c13ca5   // https://gyazo.com/52bcbce0307487efd2ddba6cb6c3735c

- Verified Email However will Change to yours and you can always have my personal contact details if ever need help unlocking etc.

Can pay Via GP or Paypal (Verified Only // trusted members)

Accepting offers // Request for Elo will raise the price.


Boosting --

Regarding boosting, i boost currently with friends who maintain challenger and master to this day on NA / EUW, we're from EU and so am i. I will be on the account given and most likely duo if they're on to ensure faster games. Prices can be discussed.  I have sold many account to IG vault 10-0 accounts and even 80+ % wr d5 / d3 accounts before.

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