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[Original Owner] Selling 111CB Account 99 Prayer and Ranged 90 herblore and slayer Username Login [Decent RS3 profile as well]!!

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Hello guys, I have now decided to fully quit runescape but continue to bot until my botting accounts perm banned , I am selling my main account its never been botted on and has 0 black marks to its name, I am accepting RSGP to sell on for real GP, Paypal from trusted users only or bank transfer if its allowed, I will not go first unless you are really trusted otherwise we will use a MM and you will pay the fee's. It's only a member due to buying a bond and taking of its wealth.

Picture of the accounts stats



Login Details


Picture of total wealth


Pictures of quests completed


Account Status


Starting Bid

$150 or Equivalent in OSRS GP

Auto win

$300 or Equivalent in OSRS GP

Methods of payment

Paypal (trusted users only), OSRS GP, Bank transfer.

You first unless trusted, Else we will use a middle man and you will pay the fee's. 

Original Owner?

I'm the original owner and it has a username login, Upon purchasing you will get its registered email address changed to yours with all the information to recover it back with out its email, You will get the last 4 digits of both cards I used to buy its membership, my payment email address, my real name, my postcode and my address and phone number. You can feel free to contact me at any time if the account gets locked or stolen and I will happily recover it back for you, If I'm unable to do so you will get a full refund. 


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