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Question for windows/computer techs!

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Sup fellas,

I have a windows 7 laptop, which several people got access too on the same user account. A few students have to create a project on the same laptop and create their own individual directory to save their project in.

My question is, since the students are kinda shitty and will delete or steal each others project, is there a way to secure every individual directory with a password?

I found several things to lock files but not to lock a directory without making it a .zip or .rar file. I'd like just to lock the windows directory.

Kind regards,

Dailysmoker :).

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19 minutes ago, Greengo said:

you cant just take a usb drive and take it home with you and reload it next day or something? drop box it through the internet or save online?

Those students are not the kind that bring the usb back to school every week hehehe, but nvm I went for the .zip method.

Read on several microsoft forums that it isn't possible to lock it with individual passwords on a regular windows directory.

Thanks for the responses anyways lads :).

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another way i would do is make that zip and hide it in another file would that work out lil better?


download a bunch of random photos like flowers n rainbows and name them accordingly and hide in a random one and also try to where you can see if some access that file 


also maybe another username? and also download new photos and if anyone goes on the new user they would just see new photos n stuff if they really looked unless they knew what they were looking for

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