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Dispute against topnotchscript

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Disputed member: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/265339-topnotchscript/

Thread Link: happened over discord

Explanation: he was selling premade barrows accounts and had sold some already legitly so i decided to buy to with $100 btc and he after awhile removed me and and blocked me, aswell as removed and blocked the other guy he legitly sold the accounts to and he is trying to recover from him now.

Evidence:https://gyazo.com/61ffb1bde5d395745a44778589ec4d02 https://gyazo.com/84f52a0035de8d9f0e1c252353097ef6  https://gyazo.com/211402c77c7bf34b190124a3ac00abbb https://gyazo.com/fd85da3d54345556434aaca74f3f1998 https://gyazo.com/7eb597757774589a30439ff8d567ccd6

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