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106 DH/Tribrid 99 farm-(99 mgc, 94 rng, 93 str & HP) 1750+ total

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Bought this account on PlayerAuctions around 2 years ago and no longer play RS. Bank has been mostly emptied and sold off you get what you see
There is still a torture ammy, zerker ring, primordial boots EQUIPPED on the character (was ~35m?) unable to put in full bank even with placeholders - no membership)
rune pouch
d defenders
all void sets
seed box
farmers outfit
prospector outfit
rogue outfit
lumberjack outfit
all essence pouches
100% favor to all
This is a great acc that a lot of time has already been invested into so please dont waste any of my time
I'd like to get 200m or $200, I do not know current item prices but with  what I'd assume is 30m+ in items on the account I think that is fair.
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