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Java Issue [Solved]

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Hello all!

I have been interested in trying this out since I heard about botting back in pre-eoc. I never wanted to risk my main accounts since I've spent hours of hard work I never came across actually going through with botting. Now I find myself getting tiredsome of my accounts and want to see what botting is all about! I will be trying out a fresh account that I will split playing legit on and botting to see what scripts work better and what I find will be best for me. However I am like many newcomers that experience issues with setting it up.

Current Issue: I have a VPS running CentOS7, I got Java to install (I believe it was 64-bit version) and when I fired up OSBot I received a "osbot could not load stream library" message. I searched the error on the forums and most of the answers I found said (Disable firewall/AV or re-install 32bit Java) I am not running windows nor do I have an AV installed so now I have deleted Java and will be trying to re-install but for some reason I cannot get the 32-bit to install.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Sorry if this is posted somewhere I must have missed it :(




EDIT 2: when i do java -version im getting "No such file or directory"




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31 minutes ago, Easy said:

If you're having trouble uninstalling the 64 bit version of java, just reinstall the OS. Problem solved

I have successfully uninstalled the 64-bit version however my issue is installing 32 LOL which sounds so sad but idk!

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