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Fully quested, level 83 zerker Pricecheck

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I'm almost done with my zerker, and I don't actually know if I want to do anything with it. If I can get a nice price for it I might sell and make something else (so Price check could be in money or OSRS gold). The account is a level 83 fully quested (176qp) zerker, and surprisingly: about 99% hand trained (only range training was done in NMZ with a simple bot, still keeping an eye on it and doing the potions manually). Never had any bans or mutes or whatever.

Items of interest: Berserker ring (i), slayer mask(i), anchor, Firecape, rune defender, about 4Mil points in NMZ to imbue whatever you want. NO fighter torso yet, but I might get it before I sell, if it increases the price drastically. About 20 mil worth of food, potions and gear.

Main starts: 60 attack, 82 strength, 45 defence, 79 HP, 78 magic (might push for 82 or even 94 if it increases price enough), 82 ranged, and 52 prayer (did all prayer reward quests).

Other stats that matte: Everything required for barrows gloves, 60 agility, 55 slayer (nice for broads), 64 farming (snapdragon farm runs to make money while doing other things)

That would cover most of it. What should I expect for an account like this? Would it even be in demand? Any information would be much appreciated :)

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