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20Defence pure Price Check


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Not planning on getting rid of but how much it would be worth

 no bans,no mutes.


Alot of LEGIT hours by hand put into it, 



Slayer Helm,


rune pouch

And also a pretty unique username. 


My plans for the account was gonna be 75-99-20-99-52-94 but just was kinda curious where it's at.


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Download ShareX please. I don't understand why people still don't know about screenshot software in 2017.... 

It saves you a lot of times and helps us see the image in good quality. I'd say about 10-15m(assuming no quests). I've seen accounts better than this for cheaper. But again, it all depends on who's selling and if he's actually a trusted seller. 

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I know about screenshotting software lol, was in a hurry and on the go and was just wondering didn't think I'd have so many people that worried about it but appreciate it.. But yeah the original plan for the account is 75-99-20-99-52-94. Just was curious about what it would go for. My bad next time I'll make sure to use the proper tools for you lol.

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