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35 minutes ago, boomboomshaka said:

I'm completely new to botting so if you guys could give me some advice, that would be great. 

Is there a bot that can collect cow hides behind me while I train? Like set it up on a separate account and it just goes around behind me collecting the drops. 

Don't get caught.

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Most likely, you will have to figure out what works best for you on your own. There isn't really general advice that applies to everyone since most people have different goals. Some people are farming gold, so they suicide bot by creating accounts and running them 24/7 until they get banned. Others are more careful. The best advice I could give you is to switch up the skill that you're botting every few hours. Don't bot the same thing for 6+ hours straight.

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Step 1: Get VIP, use mirror client, many will tell you doesn't make a difference, but from my POV and experience it does, just look on forums at the average user who makes a banned post, almost always a non-don

Step 2: Decide what it is your doing as far as botting, main is 100% legit but gold farming with alts to support the main? Or plan on botting on the main aswell but avoiding bans at all costs.

Step 3A: Going to assume you also wanna bot your main, if so, invest in paid scripts, czat and khal have solid scripts along with many others, I personally prefer czar to all others due to the anti-ban features.

Step 3B: Even with mirror mode, and paid scripts you are not in the clear, remember, you will NEVER be in the clear. EVER (unless were talking NMZ, you can go ham on that shit LOL) 

Step 4: Don't bot your money making alts and main at the same time, and if possible not on same address / pc (If  you bot safely on alts this is negligible, will have to have some time investment though)

Step 5: Botting hours and patterns are key, botting sessions on your main should not exceed 2 hours in the vast majority of sceneries. Avoiding working hours is also a nice bonus for botting as it greatly reduces chance of manual ban, so just find out your time zones equivalent of 9am-5pm in Cambridge and NEVER bot in said time zone. I think of jagex working hours as thre red zone.

Step 6: Kinda goes with step 5, you still gotta play the account legit, I know a few people, one friend in perticular who used a fletching script 2-3 hours int he AM and 2 hours in the night, he barley played the account other then that... Eventually hot banned. Was a non-vip keep in mind. Had he quested or afk'd NMZ manually on the side, maybe he would be at 20m fletching xp today.


In short thats my advice, can't say a whole lot about gold farming, IMO if you ARE gonna gold farm, don't expect to stay unbanned on any of the accounts, just suicide OFC put some minor time in on the accs since suiciding off tutorial island gonna cut down time / profit of th accounts tenfold.


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