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WTS/WTT level 6 steam account - 4 years old - 75 games

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Hi everyone,

I've been thinking a lot about this, but I want to sell my steam account.

my reason for selling my steam account is different, I began with 3D art, namely Daz3D, and have been doing it for a steady 3 months so far, but it's a rather expensive hobby, with the assets for it costing a easy $10 for a single item.
Selling my steam account would give me a great boost in being able to get a few extra assets, as my gaming interest died out more then a year ago.

I've also mentioned trading, There is 1 game that did interest me a lot durning it's beta stages, which is Playerunknown's battleground, but after the beta ended, I did not buy the game, and most likely won't be buying it anymore either, but I would however, trade my steam account for a Playerunknown battleground key.

My steam account and it's value is down below:

Link to steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198089491629/


Please note, I am the original owner and creator of this account, and can provide quite a bit of info, such as when (time and date something happened), used and active keys on the account, and so on.

And also attached a screenshot from steamDB.


Do not worry about the value, it has already come to my understanding that steam accounts don't go for a lot of money.


Sadly, yes, there is 1 VAC ban, which is for CS:GO, allowed a kid to go on my account (under family mode, so he could only see CS:GO as a playable game) and he used cheats and got my CS:GO banned, however, to me, it didn't matter because I was not at all interested in CS:GO, but I did buy the games anyhow.

The account has the following note worthy mentions:

Fallout 4 + all DLC's and season pass.
Skyrim + All DLC's aswell as the legendary edition.
Complete Counter Strike Collection (from first game to CS:GO, Although CS:GO is potentially permanently banned, I never checked)
Complete Tomb Raider Collection. (From First game to Rise of the tomb raider)
Both Lara croft games
Complete GTA Collection (From GTA to GTA V)
Age of empires HD remastered
Stronghold Series HD remastered

Other Mentions:
Ark, H1Z1, Civilization 5 and 6, and so on.

So, still plenty of other games to enjoy for you, and I still have a Witcher 3: Wild hunt code I happily throw into this aswell.

I ditched a lot of communication methods such as skype and discord ever since I left the gaming scene, so contact me here first.






steam account.jpg

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bumping this only once.


Still looking to sell this, got all info regarding my account there is to know (going all the way back to 2014)

This includes: used & active keys, times & dates of sales and other events, registration details, and anything else of concern.


DM me if you got any questions.



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