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OSRS PC 77/77/77 Acc's

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I have 3 accounts all the same. Was trying to get a idea on how much there worth. Here's there stats : https://gyazo.com/f9ea1744be0d583120d1657f9c99ef18 

They all have 16 qp. All needed quests for NMZ : https://gyazo.com/9a1d8571559600a54e2adc3511407121 Vampire Slayer, Fight arena, Haunted Mine, Lost City, Priest in Peril, Tree Gnome Village, Waterfall, What lies Below,and other random quests. 

All 3 accounts are handmade and i'm the original owner of all. If that makes a difference. Please let me know what you think :D

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12 hours ago, JPG said:

Just NMZ prods not that hard to re create I would say 20-25m ea with current feedback

Yeah I've mainly just been a bot user not really a buyer/seller, So I'm trying to get my feedback up (: thanks for the reply though!

9 hours ago, tadasz said:


That's what I was thinking around 35ish M. I've seen other account shops selling them for around 50m that's all 80's though and with a lot higher feedback and rating than me. Thanks for the reply though! (: 

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