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What kind of services should I do?

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Hey guys, I'm pretty new here even though I've been lurking on OSbot for couple of years. I'd use to bot on my mains and play for fun, but since I have no time to really ''play'' OSRS anymore as in grinding out 99 mage legitly., I'm looking for some services to do. For example, 70-80 strenght hand done. Since I also have OSbot I could start an account service but I have no clue of what kind of accounts those should be. I thought just afk sand crab accounts and bot/do them by hand to high base stats 80/80/80(example) and sell them. I play on a laptop so no farms for me. Any tips I could begin with? I'd personally like to do small services (so not building accounts which takes weeks). So if you'd need something small done by hand, shoot me a message. I'm not very active in the weekends though.

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