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Is it me or is it no longer working (walkExact)?

I was testing my script with it for 2 days now, or 1 1/2 even, and now all of the sudden it gets to the line and it says error in the script:

log("Walking to the Door!")	//if(!client.getMyPlayer().myY() == 3491 || !client.getMyPlayer().myX() == 2465){		//if(client.getMyPlayer().getPosition() != walk(Position(2465, 3491))){		walkExact(new Position(2465, 3491))		return 1000		//}else{		state = State.OPENDOOR		return 1000		//}
Please note I remarked out those lines to see if walkExact was working and it appeared to me that it was causing the issue and I can't exactly figure it out.

Do I need to have something in front of the walkExact now?

Edit: The log will actually say the message, then say error in script, then msg, then error, etc.

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