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price check the best rusher on osrs at 71 cb

rapid kayow

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price check on a granite maul pure rusher. 


looking for the true value, without any items on the account - only untradables - can show the full bank but contains over 450 slots from quest items + pvp tab - only thing notable for price is the fire cape and berserker (I).


perfect HP for edgy fights, risk fights and rushing - cannoned range exp / barrelled strength exp / super heat ore magic exp.


Minor Bot ban

500+ kills in BH.

Fire cape.

Berserker (I).

mith gloves + DT - 68 QP.

Ranked in several pure clans.

70 construction ( house with spec restore + prayer restore + energy restore + teleport portal rooms ) - ultimate rushing.

I cant show the house as its not a member, but you can see the stats.








This account can hit with 100% RNG 49 - 38 - 38 - 38  ( ballista to granite maul ) = 163 damage. 71 combat.




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OO is dieze, and he creates accounts without a registered email on a VPN I believe, I'm unsure if that makes me OO or him, but I can do any test required to a seller and would prefer to sell in person, just wanted a rough price estimate.. if that fails I was thinking of selling this account on Player auctions as its probably safer for both people as its bank level security ?

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