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Adding them might help estimate worth smile.png


add a gif of you scrolling through quests.


Quests done:


Black knight's fortress

Cook's assistant

Demon Slayer

Dragon Slayer

Ernest the chicken

Goblin Diplomacy

Imp Catcher

The knight's sword

The restless Ghost

Romeo & juliet

Rune mysteries

Vampire Slayer

Animal magnetism

Big chompy Bird Hunting


Creature of Frankenstein

The Dig Site

Druidic Ritual

Dwarf Cannon

Enlightened Journey

Fairytale 1 - growing pains

Fairtale 2 - started for fairy rings

Family Crest

Fishing Contest

Forgettable Tale...

The fremmenik isles

The Fremmenik Trials

Garden of Tranquillity

Gertrude's Cat

The Giant Dwarf

The Golem

The Grand Tree

Holy Grail

Horror from the deep

Jungle Potion

King's Ransom

Lost City

The Lost tribe

Merlin's crystal

Monkey madness I

Murder Mystery

Nature Spirit

One Small favour

Plague City

Priest in Peril

Recruitment Drive

Sea Slug

Shades of Mort'ton

Shadow of the storm

Shilo Village

The Slug Menace

a soul's bane

Tower of Life

Tree Gnome Village

Underground Pass


Waterfall qust

Witch's house

Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl

Enter the Abyss 

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