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ironman for sale - bad bank decent stats.

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Transfered all the items off my ironman account recently and am willing to sell it. 


Account stats - https://postimg.org/image/3s38tq3mj/3fb84360/


Accounts items - https://postimg.org/image/lx9cgt4z7/969b65be/


Account login - https://postimg.org/image/yadbzg3e5/b6f39282/


Quest points - https://postimg.org/image/uxf12inxl/abf1addd/ (only quest worth mentioning is underground pass)


Starting bids - 10m


A/w - 25m


OSRS CASH or paypal if youre trusted!


Will go first if you are trusted otherwise MM.


I am OO and no authenticator set, can swap email to yours upon purchase!


I Do understand i am not trusted on these forums and am unknown so it may seem risky, but i have no interest in this account anymore and am either going to sell it here or suicide bot sharks and transfer them...still 10 days membership on this account.



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