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How to calculate buys per hour?

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Hello guys i finished my shop buying script it works just fine, made simple paint which shows time and money spent but i;m struggling to create buys/hr in my paint.Currently i do it like this: once i bank i just do increase in 27 but due some lagg it can add upto 80+.So if sombody could post flawless solution that would be  damn good :D

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	int itemCount = (int) getScript().getInventory().getAmount("Beer");

	public int getIncrease(String name) {
		int count = 0;
		for (Item item : getScript().getInventory().getItems()) {
			if (item == null)
			if (item.getName().equals(name))
		int increaseAmount = count - itemCount;
		itemCount = count;
		return increaseAmount;

Don't forget to handle when you bank and the increase becomes negative smile.png


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