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Dispute against PieGP.com

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Disputed member: PieOverlord (I presume as he's the owner and responsible for his live chat) "Henry"

Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/user/106419-pieoverlord/

Explanation: Rented an account for 30 minutes. Put down a deposit of 2m. Was finished with the account within 15-20 minutes so I told the live chat assistant I was finished with it. I went onto the RS forums and logged in and went to the account section to see the offences and see if it was botted or whatever, was just curious. And saw that there was a gmail attached, so I told the live chat assistant (Henry) that there was a **** attached to the account. He told me that I shouldn't have been on the account part of the website and refused to refund the deposit and left the chat.




  1. You are required to pay a 2m security deposit. It will be returned assuming you follow the TOS.
  2. No refunds, you are paying for a set amount of time whether you choose to utilize the full time period or not is up to you.
  3. No breaking of any of Runescape’s in-game rules while using the account. This includes scamming, swearing, macroing, DDosing, Bug Abusing, and RWTing.
  4. No streaming or commission staking is allowed on the account, not even 0%.
  5. In the unlikely event the account is disabled during your session, we are not liable to refund you any lost gold or any lost time.
  6. You are not allowed to take off any items or gold on the account that have not been added by you.
  7. You are not to change the account display name.
  8. You are not allowed to give out the account information to anyone else.
  9. You are to remain within world 302 Duel Arena at all times while using the account.
  10. You are to leave private chat on friends and do not delete anyone the friends list.
  11. If you do not collect your deposit within 1 hour you will forfeit your deposit.
  12. If you ask us to transfer gold for you we are not responsible for any lost gold due to bans while transferring.
  13. Breaking any of the Rental Terms of Service will result in immediate recovery of the account and seizure of all assets on the account, including the rental fee and deposit. No refunds will be given in this case.



emote32342.png I forgot to get a transcript of the chat. Although the site manager (PieOverlord) has full access to chat logs and you can ask him to post them here. If you hide this he may also not think about editing the logs.



- It's not the 2m I care about, it's the fact that it shouldn't be happening.

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