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hand done accounts (botted or handdone 7qp) 200k ea

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    6. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account


200k ea

    7. The methods of payment you are accepting

    8. Your trading conditions


If the total amount is less then 1000k and u got more then 5 fb i go first,

above that it all depends on your fb

   10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address (See below for more details)


I am the Original owner


all the accounts got "good names" (no random numbers/letters and all are random gmail.com



hand done tut island: Price 200k ea



hand done with botted 7 Qp 220k



If you want tut island done (you create the accounts the price will vary, usually 200k per account but can be lower if you order 10+




First to pm me gets one handdone account with 7 qp (botted) for 100k


5 hand-done tut island accounts for 750k (150k ea)

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