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  1. Try out LIDC Multiboxing, 30-day trial @uncledude00 I believe suggested it
  2. Have 4 avail but are only 75/75 unfortunately. they do have MA 1+2 and 60/60/60 cmbt stats
  3. Very good start so far I enjoyed it! Goodluck man hopefully you’ll have 10’s of accounts soon to fight the snake The community needs more content like this and when presented in a guide form on how to train the accounts and for how long is super useful so thank you!
  4. Coin4Coin

    Stealth NMZ

    Lmao did you use MM or stealth injection??
  5. Title w/ roughly 800k-1.2m worth of grey chins
  6. I know Zulrah minus anything special like fire cape, etc. is roughly 60-70m for 75/75, 85/85 probably 80m+
  7. The Government wants us to take a rushed experiment to “maybe reduce personal symptoms” all the while claiming you need to do this to protect others? I know of several people who have already contracted and survived COVID-19 and yet they still got vaccinated... If you already had the virus, developed antibodies and are immune, why add the additional “safety net” from the vaccine? Unfortunately people have become brainwashed to such an extreme they will do anything they are told without question or objective reasoning if it’s under the guise of public health. It’s almost as if PC cu
  8. You are correct, if the virus has high lethality it will not spread effectively just killing off the host. Low lethality = high availability to be spread around un aware as more people have it and spread it. So far it seems COVID is way closer to highly contagious, low lethality. Versus Ebola for example.
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