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  1. Yeah I mean Jagex can definitely see the chain on trades but yeah this would isolate your main better then trading directly to it It just comes down to personal preference tbh... if you're constantly getting RWT bans and trading/muling Billions of gold per day/week then more steps have to be n place, but for casual >500M trades not too often you should be generally okay
  2. Not sure what you mean here… As for how long to wait from getting gold on mule to trade to main you shouldn’t have to wait just trade it over
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    Welcome friend
  4. All this is anecdotal but from my experience my main got banned after 1 trade of 600M when previous it had traded/received probably 3B + If you trade to a mule then the account you want it on I don't think you'll have any issues but personally I wouldn't leave more than 20M on an account I know had traded other mules/had muled trades itself/ botted etc... I'd suggest looking at this guide
  5. Coin4Coin

    Stealth NMZ

    I think break settings were to break 5-10 min after every rumble and then resume I can report zero bans from using NMZ so far
  6. Yeah RWT bans are rare but increasing I’m afraid… Best not to trade more then 4-500M at a time and you should be okay
  7. Damn buddy did the math lmao As previous comments stated, unless you have tons of rep, you will always be let down on the price you can sell for + the legitimacy of the buyer.
  8. for such a shitty minigame and dead content, this thing pumps out money (kinda) #RIPinfinityprices But let's be real for a sec, what if somehow magically GP prices could just deflate to like, $1.50/M? What will it take lol EOC 2.0? Then comes: Oldschool Oldschool runescape runescape... lol
  9. Update broke webwalker. Devs are working on it
  10. No doubt, it would be like standing inside of a giant microwave lmao I could only imagine...
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