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Hella disappointed, didn't get tickets for Adele.
Tried it first with 3 laptops, iPad and calling their phone system like (seriously!) 200 times.

Today there was another sale for the extra concert, tried it with 2 laptops, 1 iPad, 2 tablets, iPhone and calling them constantly again. Got in like 3 times, it was loading and then said "the assigned seats aren't available anymore". Cool so I had 2 more chances, same messages on both of them, tried refreshing, was already sold out at 10:10 (sale started at 10:00).
Was on a waiting list last time but I didn't get any priority, what a bullshit system.


Meh, just really disappointed, was really something I was looking forward to...

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In all honesty just try to find artists you like that are smaller. Its probably harder when you're into stuff like Adele which is popular with a very large portion of poeple. And at least for me, sit down shows and super large venues are a huge turn off for me. Nothing like seeing your favorite band in a basement with 30 people.

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I don't get why Adele is such a popular artist, like seriously she'd rather earn even more money (and she is rich already) than letting her loyal fans listen to her music on streaming platforms. That was a pretty disappointing thing to hear about from her, and we're in 2015 baby.


Beside that, sorry to hear that. Some of my friends managed to get tickets, when she is live in Denmark. :o

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