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Project's Jug of Wine Maker

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is there a way to adjust settings, its kinda going so slow that the wines actually fermenting? i have it so the wines are in their own bank tab, and they are next to each other, made it so it has right click withdraw 14, not sure why its not going faster? is it the anti ban? is there a way to disable it so its not fermenting, my friend recommended me this but i was honestly getting faster exp with a mouse recorder loool.



or whatever its callled when it turns into wine and u get exp, seems to happen every 30 or so, then it gets the exp drop





edit: idk theres no specific amount i get exp drop can range from 30-200 wines, but its annoying is there any way to edit settings. im new to this botting thing.



I replied to your private message! :D 


We will figure out this issue! Thanks for reporting!

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- When level up, Please add a click dialogue.

- XP tracker isn't up to date, Please use onMessage and count from th


I'll write a custom method for the level up dialogue since it's not fixed yet for OSBot. :D


I've got the xp tracking the fermented wine using an onMessage tracker

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Does this support support lumbridge chest banking?



I can add that so it will be on the next update! :D I've rewrote the entire script and it handles all level advancing txts now

Ok! Version 1.4 supports ALL bank chests! :D


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