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APA Script Trials

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On 10/13/2014 at 11:26 PM, Apaec said:

────────────── PREMIUM SUITE ──────────────



─────────────── FREE / VIP+ ───────────────



⌠ Sand crabs - $4,99 | Rooftop Agility - $5,99 | AIO Smither - $4,99 | AIO Cooker - $3,99 | Unicow Killer - £3,99 | Chest Thiever - £2,99 | Rock crabs - $4,99 | Rune Sudoku - $9,99 

⌠ AIO Herblore - FREE & OPEN-SOURCE | Auto Alcher - FREE | Den Cooker - FREE | Gilded Altar - FREE | AIO Miner - VIP+ 



What is a trial?

  • A trial is a chance for you to give any of my scripts a test run. After following the instructions below, you will receive unrestricted access to the respective script for 24 hours starting when the trial is assigned. Your trial request will be processed when I log in. The trial lasts for 24 hours to cater for time zones, such that no matter when I start the trial, you should still get a chance to use the script.


  • Only 1 trial per user per script.

How to get a trial:

  1. 'Like' this thread AND the corresponding script thread using the GWkp5EF.png button at the bottom right of the original post.
  2. Reply to this thread with the name of the script you would like a trial for.
  3. Your request will be processed as soon as I log in. If i'm taking a while, i'm probably asleep! Check back in the morning :)
  4. Once I process your request, you will have the script in your collection (just like any other SDN script) for 24 hours.

Private scripts:

  • Unfortunately I do not currently offer private scripts.


Thanks in advance and enjoy your trial!


Apa Sandcrabs ''Mazk''


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