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Pick your mort myre fungus today and make profit!
This will net you anywhere from 150-250k an hour on an account with small requirements.

- Restless ghost
- Priest in peril
- Nature spirit (Partially completed)
- Silver sickle (b) / Blisterwood flail
- >= 45 Prayer. 
- Enough HP to tank the hits of the Ghasts.


- Randomized spot selection
- Randomized camera movements
- Randomized mouse movements
- Randomized inventory checks
- Player detection with world hopping/ spot hopping
- Full banking support via Ferox Enclave
- Fungus picked / Total runs tracker via Variable Debugger




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2 hours ago, Kramnik said:

Gz on release, but for some time MMF are not making anywhere close 300-500k/hr :D Even with high requirements like fairy rings, Morytania hard diary, desert treasure, decent house you barely make 200-250k/hr with current prices :( 

Updated the post. I was going off of OSRS Wiki prices saying 300k.

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