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Seers Agility and Teleport

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Seers Agility and Teleport 

Runs laps of the Seers agility course and teleports back to the start after completing each lap. 

I couldn't get the spell book teleport to work so instead it uses Camelot teleport tabs. Make sure you have the seers bank set to your default teleport location by right clicking the Camelot teleport in the spell book, select configure and then choose seers. To do this you must have completed the kandarin hard diary. 

The script will also collect marks of grace so it is still decent money. Doing this method is the best Agility XP in the game up until 92 and then after its hallowed sepulchre (Which is allot harder so you may prefer to stick to using this script as I believe there are no scripts that support hallowed sepulchre at this time of posting) 

This script will stop after there are no Camelot tabs in the inventory so how ever many laps you want it to run is how many tabs you put in he inventory. i.e. 200 laps is 200 tabs and then script will stop.

Starting: Head to seers bank, place how ever many Camelot tabs in the inventory, place some cooked karambwan also in your inventory incase you fall on the course. After this start the script. 
If you do not have food in your inventory the script will stop if your HP falls below 70% so if you are a high level agility and you never fail on the course then food isn't needed I always put 5 just incase. 

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