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Lost Panda

Selling range accounts with salve amulet[e] (2 with venanitis pet) [480+ fb]

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Selling 2+ yr old range accounts i had sitting

all come with DAgTp91.png and junk in bank

If payment in $, it'll be via crypto + your fees.

acc 1

FjE40LK.png3pM24c2.png price : 40$ or eq in gp

acc 2 :

QFtS4wJ.png3pM24c2.png price : 40$ or eq in gp

acc 3:

HzYYIjl.png 20$ or eq in gp

acc 4 :

YOElruL.png20$ or eq in gp

acc 5 :

6j1ySfc.png 20$ or eq in gp

acc 6


acc 7:


acc 8 :

tEeK8OF.png 20$ or eq in gp

acc 9 : 

nKYcS0T.png20$ or eq in gp

acc 10:

6y3eup2.png20$ or eq in gp

acc 11 :

8hduu7O.png20$ or eq in gp


acc 12: 

br7qpV8.png22$ or eq in gp


acc 13:

ahgOWu9.png20$ or eq in gp

acc 14:

UgWbNTF.png25$ or eq in gp


accs ban page : soNibPY.png

I'm OO of all accounts, no membership on them since theyve been sitting for 1 year+, email will be moved to you (random login emails they dont exist)

my discord : panda#5712

Unique ID 425674973781295104

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